Welcome to our Farm stay.

Welcome to our Cottage! We want you stay and have simple and nice time.
Let me introduce our farm staying. Our stay policy is “At your own”


This is the simple staying style Cottage.

I would like you to understand our policy & services. This is not complete and different from ordinary HOTEL. So before you decide to reserve, please confirm our information below.


We have simple staying house, we call it “a Cottage“. 

1) House/Cottage
Our House/Cottage have two rooms ,living-dining-kitchen room.

●Bed room: 2 beds
●The other room: Japanese flooring(TATAMI) room.

users can lay and sleep as the bedding Japanese style FUTON.

●Living-dining-kitchen: wide room

kitchen table, sofa (for about 7 persons), long low tables are in a room. ( Photo taken in summer. in winter time, table will be able to use for Kotatsu. ( Kotatsu is a Japanese style hot warmer table)

Living-dining-kitchen is very wide-long room, We will accept 10 persons each House/Cottage.

2) Equipment and Environment ( it seem to suite for long tourer )
△Kitchen: 2 heating 1 sink,

△Bath with shower: shampoo, Rinse, body soap

△Hair Dryer: △Laundry machine: △Toilet: wash & heating seat

△Refrigerator with small freezer (Total approx. 40Litter): △TV monitor ( It can’t capture broadcast wave, only use for DVD ), △Air conditioner: each 3 rooms △Kitchen goods: pan ,kettle ,dishes ,electric hot water server ,electric heat pan.


△Internet: No Wi-Fi, No Internet connections. 
△Cellular or Mobile phone: radio-wave is very low. You can catch cellular radio-wave a little, especially KDDI(AU) is hopeless. 
If your loaming servicers are Docomo or Softbank, when you may narrowly talk your nations friends.


△Night wear, Towells etc. : Pajamas, Bath towel, shaver, tooth paste, tooth blush, comb, blush, press machine are not available.


△Dine and cooking: You can get very fresh meat, bread, rice, seasonings vegitables are sold in the marketplaces near around Maizuru city. You can enjoy cooking meal and bleakfast by yourself, Don't forget wash dishes and glasses and it others. (see below)

3)Check-IN and Check-Out time

Check-in time is 16:00-19:00, check-out time is 10:00.

Lunch Order: If you reserve lunch of our restaurant next day, out time is 11:00



For minimize waste and resource recycling, please separating rubbish

I would like to welcome you… But we can speak English a little and services is very inconvenient. 
If you confirm and to approve our such environment ,equipment and poor services, when we will welcoming yours.



Thanks for reading.